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Family Law on a Legal Aid Ontario Certificate

Our firm can accept LAO Certificates for Family Law Matters. We will not be able to determine whether your file can be a Legal Aid file. This must be done by Legal Aid. However, clients should be aware of some changes that have come into effect since June 26, 2019 to LAO policy, most significant of which is that LAO will provide full certificates on Family Law Matters where Domestic Violence is an issue but not for those where Domestic Violence is not an issue.

Domestic Violence is a serious concern in Family Courts. Such violence includes but may not be limited to:

  • Physical violence;
  • Verbal violence; and,
  • Mental/Psychological violence.

It may also be a combination of the above list or other factors. If you eminently fear for your life and/or wellbeing or the lives and/or well-beings of anyone else, you should contact the police.

It is also important to note that Legal Aid Ontario also does not provide Certificates for cases dealing only with divorce and no other issues.